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Double Points Weekend + Free DPD Over £50!
Double Points Weekend + Free DPD Over £50!

Fog Clown

The Fog Clown, with its signature artwork on their boxes, are a Malaysian e-liquid with serious flavour and an even more serious attitude. The Fog Clown e-liquids will have you doing circus tricks & wanting more after every hit.

Mojos is a delightful mango mojito beverage e-liquid with the vibrant flavours of mint, lime and mango, a taste that you will love!

Barmon, behold the flavour from the famous barley drink with a flavour of lemon. It tastes exactly like a sweet barley lemon juice with an extra kick of freshness. Do you love how it sounds? You’ll be craving for more!

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    Lykos by Fog Clown

    Lemonade, Lychee
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    Description Lykos Blackcurrant Lychee Eliquid. A blend of sweet lychees and ripe, freshly picked blackcurrant that will freeze you away to heaven,...

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