It doesn't matter if you're new to vaping or a vaping connoisseur; At some point throughout your vaping journey, you'll experience a leaky tank or pod. This is one of the most common enquiries we get here at Royal Flush Vape, but what's the cure or prevention? Today we look at 10 of the most common culprits to your device leaking and outline ways to prevent the problem occurring.

1 - Fill Your Tank Correctly

One of the most common reasons for a leaking device is due to incorrect filling. Most importantly, overfilling your tank. You should always ensure there is space for air in the top of your tank to create pressure whilst also leaving enough room for the cap/lid to fit back on without dispersing any liquid.

Each tank/pod comes with its own liquid limit (mostly 2ml due to TPD regulations), so always check with your tank's manufacturer for their own recommendations.

If you are having no joy with filling up your tank then it may be worth looking at a pod kit if not already. Pod kits have increased dramatically recently regarding filling technology. Top line pod kits are less likely to leak like a tank and their overall usage is a lot more user friendly. Check out the latest pod kits.

2 - Adjust Power Settings

Another common cause of leaking is called flooding. This is when there is too much e-liquid being pulled into your coil for it to vaporise. This in turn causes the excess liquid to leak out of the housing of the coil. The fix for this is to simply switch to a higher power/voltage setting if available on your device.

By using a higher power, the e-liquid will be vaporised faster which in turn will reduce stress on your coil, preventing additional leakage. Increased power will also create more vapour which you may not particularly want, however it does bring out other elements of flavour from your e-liquid. If you're not keen on or can't adjust your power then check the other points in this article as you may find the solution in another area.

3 - Reduce/Remove Condensation

Unfortunately, condensation is something you don't really have control over, but it can play a big part on leaking within your device. When you vape you don't always inhale all the vapour produced, the left over vapour condenses in the centre tube of your tank. Over time, this condensation can build up causing leaks.

There are a couple of actions you can carry out to reduce/prevent this. Once you press the fire button on your device, ensure that you vape straight away then release the fire button at the end of your inhale. In addition, you can try and clean the inside of your tank with a bit of paper towel to soak up the condensation, however make sure you don't use any thin tissues or ones with chemicals on them, such as anti allergen tissues/wipes.

4- Keep Everything Sealed Correctly

The biggest reason for leaking we've identified numerous times in our shops is an under tightened or over tightened tank. It's vital to ensure all components are properly screwed in and secured. The most important areas to check are the base where the atomiser meets the tank and the area where the coil and the base of the atomiser meet. Also take special care when screwing parts together to avoid any cross-threading, as this can create gaps in the seal where your e-liquid can spill from.

Although you need your components tight and secure, it's also important to mention that you shouldn't go overboard with the tightening. If you screw things too tightly, you can negatively damage your tank in the long run, including damage to the O-rings and creating splits for the e-liquid to escape. If you're unsure on how tight things should be, feel free to pop into any of our stores and a shop manager will be more than happy to help!

5 - Keep Your Device Upright

Although you're going to carry your device around with you and it's not always possible, you should aim to keep your device upright to avoid additional leaking. This isn't necessarily required with an all in one (AIO) type pod device such as the SMOK NFIX.

If your device isn't upright, some of the holes in your tanks intake are exposed, this can cause e-liquid to spill from them if stored like this for some time. If you need to store your device in a non vertical position for some time, it's advisable to close the intake holes on the tank if possible to avoid spillage.

6 - Wick & Use Correct Coils

These days tanks come with a wide selection of replaceable coils with numerous specifications. It's important to use the correct coil for the e-liquid you're using. If using a higher VG liquid such as those you'll find within shortfills it's better to use a lower resistance coil, whereas higher PG liquids such as 50/50 or above, a higher resistance coil is a better choice.

7 - Test Different E-Liquid

Relating back to that previous point, no two liquids are the same, and it really is trial and error, especially in regards to finding the perfect liquid for your tastes. As mentioned before, it may be worth trying a higher VG if your tank is leaking. Liquids such as The Sweet Stuff e-liquid are great as they are thicker which means they will be soaked less quickly into the coil, therefore preventing flooding as highlighted earlier.

If you're unsure on which e-liquid is best for your device, feel fee to contact us on any of our social media or pop into any of our stores!

8 - Change Your Vaping Technique

If you're new to vaping or have had problems with leaking for some time, the problem could be with how you're vaping, in particular the way you inhale. When inhaling your vapour, it should be slower and softer in contrast to how you would smoke a cigarette. Play around with the way that you inhale, as this could be the answer to your problems.

9 - Keep Device in Cool Place

Keeping your e-liquid in the heat can cause it to become thinner, which in turn runs through the coil easier and creates leaking. It's strongly advised to keep your device in the shade to avoid this problem. In addition this is also vital to protect your device and batteries. 

10 - Upgrade to a Leak Resistant Tank/Pod

If you have actively followed or completed the above points with no joy, you may be due an upgrade as the device you're using at present is just not working for you. The vaping industry is constantly evolving and creating better performing devices and accessories which prevent or at least reduce leaking possibilities.

The biggest advancement is the introduction to pod systems and all in one devices. If you don't fancy this route we stock a wide range of the latest sub ohm devices on our website and in store.


Hopefully if you carefully follow these tips, you should be able to drastically reduce the amount of leaking you are experiencing or stop it completely. If you experience leaking in the future, you should now be well equipped with the knowledge on how to fix it. And if you can't, just know that we are only a shout away to help you!

But for now, as always; Stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team!

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