The vaping industry is now one of the fasting growing industries in the world. Although this constant evolution is great for us all with new vape kits, e-liquids and accessories, there are many factories and small businesses taking advance of this thriving industry by creating replicas and copies of some of the most popular products on the market, often called clones. We cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing your vaping equipment from reputable and legitimate vendors like Royal Flush Vape. As a simple general rule, like with pretty much anything, if it seems too good to be true, chances are it most probably is!

The replicates known as copies, fakes or clones within the vaping industry may seem appealing with cheaper prices and/or different styles but you should never jeopardise your health for the sake of saving a few pounds or looking stylish. The good news is that the majority of vaping companies have introduced various authentication and verification checks to ensure that you are purchasing genuine products. In addition, e-liquid brands have also gone further to provide stores with certified dealer or stockists certificates too.

Here at Royal Flush Vape we only provide genuine products directly from manufactures and certified vendors. If you have any worries that your device or product is not genuine don’t worry, we’ve created an in-depth guide below to highlight the most popular device manufactures authentication processes with additional information on how to check if your e-liquid is genuine or not.


Aspire is one of the most popular and trusted vaping manufactures internationally. Although there are many other brands available on the market today, over their long history in the vaping industry they have created some of the most known devices, tanks and accessories.

Due to their high popularity, Aspire products have been massively copied, mainly due to people thinking of Aspire as safe and trustworthy. With technological advancements some of the clones can even look identical to their originals which is why it’s very important to ensure you authenticate your products as below, not just for Aspire but for all companies.

Verifying Your Aspire Product

The authentication on Aspire products is located on the reverse of the packaging mostly at the bottom. At present Aspire utilise a ‘scratch and check’ process which when scratched will reveal a verification code. Verify your code via Aspire’s official website. Once you enter the code you will be informed immediately if your code is genuine or not or even if it has already been used.

Verify Your Aspire Product


Known for their midrange priced devices, Eleaf create a solid and dependable range of vape kits, tanks and accessories. With Eleaf being great value for money and not as expensive as other brands included in this guide, there isn’t as much notice with Eleaf clones.

Although Eleaf can be seen as a midrange brand their products are still excellent which doesn’t stop clones of their products being created. It has been noted of companies creating their own versions of Eleaf products so it’s just as important to authenticate any new product you purchase with Eleaf branding.

Verifying Your Eleaf Product

Just like Aspire, Eleaf has the same approach with implementing a ‘scratch and check’ process which can also be located on the back of their packaging. Once scratched you should take note of the dedicated batch code and enter this on the Eleaf’s official website to ensure your device is genuine

Verify Your Eleaf Product


One of the leading manufactures of vaping hardware, Innokin are well known within the vaping industry and cater for all types of vapers from starter kits all the way through to more powerful vape kits available today.

There doesn’t seem to be as many clones of Innokin within the current market, especially when comparing to some of the bigger names out there such as Smok and Aspire. However, it’s not uncommon for copies to be made.

Verifying Your Innokin Product

To ensure customers can authenticate their products they have included a ‘scratch and check’ authentication sticker much like other companies you may be familiar with. This sticker is most commonly found on the back of the box.

Verify your code via Innokin’s official website. Once there enter your unique verification code to check if your product is genuine.

Verify Your Innokin Product


One of the first leading companies within the vaping industry, Joyetech are known for creating user-friendly hardware which performs excellently and somewhat at a decent entry level price. Due to Joyetech being so well known internationally, it’s no surprise that clones of their products find their way into the market through unprofessional channels.

Verifying Your Joyetech Product

Joyetech follow suit with all other leading brands and implement a ‘scratch check’ which can be found on their packaging. Depending on the product, you will either have a unique verification code or a QR code to scan and get your code.

Once you have your code, head over to Joyetech’s official website and enter your code to check if your Joyetech product is genuine.

Verify Your Joyetech Product


As one of the top leading brands in the vaping industry, Smok are one of the most known manufactuerers. If you’ve been vaping for a while you’ll have most likely heard of the brand and that’s because they’ve been around for a long time now and create top performing products with stylish designs whilst pushing the limits flawlessley. Similar to other top leading vaping manufacturers, Smok have seen a high number of clones over the years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With so many clones on the market, it can be very hard to distinguish the difference between the real thing and a copy.

Verifying Your Smok Product

For the reasons highlighted above, Smok have implemented an authentication process that differs slightly to most others to ensure they can fully authenticate products with a guarantee secure products for all their customers. To authenticate a Smok product, you must first download the IVPS Tour App and scan both QR codes located on the back of the product packaging. Although this is a little more time consuming and complex than others. By doing so it creates a guarantee that your product is 100% genuine.

Verify Your Smok Product


As a later entry into the vaping industry founded in 2013, Freemax has been constantly making progress with their innovative designs to enhance the vaping experience for many around the world. In the short time Freemax has been around, they have acclaimed numerous awards and recommendations which in turn makes them a prime target for companies looking to clone vape products.

Due to their innovative style, Freemax often see clones of their bestselling vape kits and accessories so it’s essential to verify your products to ensure its genuine.

Verifying Your Freemax Product

Freemax also carry out a ‘Scratch and Check Authenticity’ process. Depending on the age of your product the verifaction process can differ slightly. However, all Freemax products will have this scratch and check label on their packaging.

For all products the scratch and check label will need to be scratched to reveal a code to be entered on Freemax’s official website. On newer products you will also be required to scan the QR code to be taken directly to their website.

Verify Your Freemax Product


Known for creating excellent products which can withstand the test of time, Geekvape are a staple brand within the vaping industry. With their complex designs, especially with their Aegis range which incorporate IP67 materials to their products, clones are not as common.

Although their devices are a little more complex for the most part, clones can still be found so it’s vital to ensure that you verify any product your purchase to check if it is genuine.

Verifying Your Geekvape Product

Geekvape utilises a double authentication process to strengthen their secure proccess and to limit the number of clones as possible.

Like pretty much every other product manufacturer, Geekvape also implement a ‘scratch & check’ process to verify their products. Visit the official site for Geekvape and enter the code revealed from scratching along with the security verication found on the box in the same area.

Verify Your Geekvape Product


A brand that has been around since the very early days, Uwell are well known for their vape kits, tanks and accessories. They have always built excellent tanks with great reviews and since their Caliburn pod kit which was received amanzingly, Uwell have continues to explore new ground and push the boundaries with more kits and even expanded with the Caliburn bringing out the Caliburn G pod kit recently.

With such well received products and constant products being released, Uwell have been a target of cloning for some time now which creates even more reason to ensuring you verify your product.

Verifying Your Uwell Product

Uwell products have an authenticity sticker on all of their packaging. Once you have this code you should head over to the official website for Uwell and enter on their product verification page by following the link below.

Verify Your Uwell Product


Recognisable by their bright yellow packaging, Nitecore are an industry leader for electronic equipment and battery chargers. Nitecore create products for all areas of technology and not directly exclusive to vaping products. Nitecore are excellent at bringing their expertise and technical knowhow to battery charging.

Due to being so recognisable, Nitecore are often targeted by clone manufacturers with many of their products being copied and sold on the market by unreputable vendors. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure your Nitecore product is genuine.

Verifying Your Nitecore Product

Like other vaping manufacturers, Nitecore have also implemented a scratch verification and 2d code on their battery charging products.To verify your Nitecore product, simply scratch to reveal your validation code or scna the 2d code which will also be revealed upon scratching. Once you have your code, head over to Nitecore’s official website and enter your code to check if your product is genuine.

Verify Your Nitecore Product

Hohm Tech

Known for their excellent priced rechargeable batteries and chargers, with chart topping performance. Hohm Tech push the limits with their products and supply vapers with high grade accessories to make the most out of their vape kits. Due to their success within the vaping industry, cloned Hohm Tech batteries have been noted on the market. Although their battery chargers are less likely to be cloned, there have been reports of them been noticed. For this reason, you should always look out for verification steps on all Hohm Tech products.

Verifying Your Hohm Tech Product

To avoid counterfeits being brought to the market Hohm Tech cells come standard with Unique Authenticity Codes (UACs) or are equipped with their proprietary embossed power guard. To verify your Hohm Tech look out for the scratch and check label either on the packaging or on the battery itself. Once you scratch the label a unique code will be revealed, enter this code on the official website for Home Tech to ensure your product is genuine.

Verify Your Hohm Tech Product

Wick Liquor

Royal Flush Vape are an official certified dealer and stockist of authentic Wick Liquor products. We work in partnership with Wick Liquor and their authorised distribution network with support via their factory advocate scheme and act as a proud ambassador for their products.

As an authorised dealer, we are a primary launch partner for future Wick Liquor product launches and carry the Wick Liquor factory approval for quality and brand coherence at all times.

Verify Your Wick Liquor Product