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Here at Royal Flush vape we're constantly working with leading manufacturers to provide the best vape kits and e-liquids possible to our loyal customers. With this in mind, we're pleased to announce the launch of JAK'D e-liquids brought to you by Dispergo which are now available at Royal Flush.

Focusing their efforts on providing an enjoyable alternative to disposable vapes, the JAK'D collection feature double the concentrate to enhance their e-liquids and provide a stronger and more satisfying taste. With an impressive collection which includes both nic salts and shortfill e-liquids, JAK'D e-liquids have a flavour and nicotine strength to suit everyone.

We sat down with account manager Sam Harris from Dispergo to find out more about JAK'D e-liquids, what sets them apart from others and any future plans they have as a company.

How did the brand get started and why did it begin?

Dispergo started as a sister company of Jack Rabbit Vapes actually to create a wholesale and retail outlet that wasn’t associated with Jack Rabbit. As the brand developed people tended to take a liking to the Dispergo brand and more ranges started coming!

Why was JAK'd E-liquid created?

So JAK'D e-liquid was created to help disposable users to make the switch onto UK made e-liquid! We’ve noticed that the industry has moved back to disposable vapes and these vapes are super highly concentrated and super sweet. So we thought if we take our best selling flavours and double the concentrate of the flavour they would be a big hit! Also the sheer amount of bar liquids out there that seem to all be the same flavours, we thought we would try some new unique flavours.

JAK'D up flavour available in 10ml nic salts and 100ml shortfills.

How did the name JAK'D Come About?

The name JAK’D comes from the owners old gym days where people would talk about bodybuilders looking jacked! So it’s a play of the expression meaning its super strong!

What makes JAK'D e-liquid better than others?

JAK'D flavours are all sourced in the UK meaning the quality of ingredients are really high! We don’t use Neotame in any of the flavours. The flavours are all unique compared to current bar liquids available. The 50/50 shortfill was in aim to allow Mouth To Lung (MTL) users to be able to buy big bottles of juice (so a large cost saving) but also if a user add 100% VG nic shots the liquid is sub ohm-able.

Best and most popular e-liquid flavours

Unreal Blue has always been the biggest seller in our biggest range from Dispergo the Unreal series. Lets face it, Blue Raspberry slush is probably the most popular flavour in the industry and we think we did it a bit different to others and that’s why it is so popular so we decided to JAK it and interestingly it hasn’t slowed the sales of the original flavour so it must be appealing to another market!

Jack Rabbit Custard Doughnut is another flavour that has always been a staple in the Jack Rabbit range so JAK’ing it was always going to be a winner! It also gives customers a chance to try UK made e-liquids as opposed to the bar juices from China.

Buy any 3 for £9.99
Blue Raspberry Nic Salt by JAK'D



Blue Raspberry



Buy any 3 for £9.99
Custard Doughnut Nic Salt by JAK'D



Custard Doughnut



Buy any 3 for £9.99
Mango Pineapple Orange Nic Salt by JAK'D



Mango Pineapple Orange



Buy any 3 for £9.99
Pineapple Lemon Lime Nic Salt by JAK'D



Pineapple Lemon Lime



Buy any 3 for £9.99
Redcurrant Grape Cherry Nic Salt by JAK'D



Redcurrant Grape Cherry & Mango



Buy any 3 for £9.99
Blue Raspberry Cream Pie Nic Salt by JAK'D



Blue Raspberry Cream Pie



Best achievements for the brand to date

I think the Testing stations and all the humorous point of sale material has really made a big difference to the range I really feel like the industry has taken a turn to a more corporate industry and we in particular miss all the fun the industry used to have! I mean we haven’t taken it to extremes but the mirror of truth I thought was particularly amusing!

What have you got planned for 2024?

There is always new things in the pipeline at Dispergo but for 2024. I can tell you we have 2 new unreal ranges including unreal Ice and Unreal Desserts and there may be a few new flavours coming to JAKD!

JAK'D at Royal Flush Vape

Here at Royal Flush Vape we are proud to stock JAK'D e-liquids as we continue to provide premium products and services to those looking to maintain a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. As we continue to focus on our core environmental ethos, we actively encourage those vaping disposables to move towards greener vaping with disposable vape alternatives such as JAK'D nic salts.

You can pick up any 100ml shortfills from JAK'D in our 2 for £25 deal or nic salts in our any 3 for £9.99 deal

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