The 10 Best Sweet E-Liquids

One of the great things about vaping is the wide range of flavours available to us, it keeps things interesting and can help to stop vapers from turning back to cigarettes and tobacco. When I first started vaping I used a tobacco flavoured E-Liquid but I soon discovered new sweet flavoured E-Liquids and never looked back.

What are sweet E-Liquid Flavours?

Sweet E-Liquid flavours are made using specially formulated flavour concentrates specifically for use with e-cigarettes that are designed to taste exactly like your favourite sweets or desserts ranging from jelly babies to profiteroles.

What are the Best Sweet E-Liquid Flavours?

Taste is subjective but we all love to get stuck in to a bag of sweets, the vape industry has recognised this and provided us with a literally thousands of different options. There is something here to tickle the taste buds of every sweet toothed vaper.
10. Pink Sweety’s by My Eliquids.

Pink Sweetys My Eliquid
My Eliquids based in Preston Lancashire have created a wide range of sweet flavours including Fruit Burst and Fruit Pastilles Lolly to name a couple, but the clear winner out of their range is Pink Sweety’s. Pink Sweety’s, available in 25ml or 50ml, is a perfect rendition of strawberry millions, mouth watering and juicy, these tasty little sweets are incredibly moreish and perfectly replicated in this 70VG 30PG Eliquid.

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9. Rainbow Gummy Bears by Sugar Rush, available in 100ml

Rainbow Gummy Bears Sugar Rush Eliquid
Produced in the UK by Juice Locker Sugar Rush have given us delights such as Bubblegum Rocks and Sour Cherries but their finest contender has to be Gummy Bears! Gummy Bears are a soft and chewy little sweet, loved by all who taste them, this eliquid allows you to have as much as you like without needing to worry about a trip to the dentist. Available in in 70VG/30PG 100ml shortfills. 

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8. Jelly Babies by Solid Vape, available in 50ml

Jelly Babies Eliquid Solid Vape
From our own in house E-Liquid brand Solid Vape by Royal Flush Vape we have absolutely covered all the bases, from sweet to fruit to menthol to tobacco, we have mastered it all. This flavour perfectly reflects the taste of Jelly Babies, you can even taste the powdery coating. Fruity and gummy this old school sweet shop vape is a firm favourite with our customers and a truly nostalgic flavour. Available in a 50ml shortfill and 10ml bottles.

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7. Pink Candy by Dr Vapes

Pink Candy by Dr Vapes
Dr Vapes located in London have a wide range of sweet flavoured eliquids and Pink Candy is a top contender. Soft and sweet blackcurrant cotton candy creates a flavour that will throw you back to your childhood creating a mouth watering all day vape. This shortfill e-liquid is mixed at a 28VG 22PG ratio. 

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6. Lemon Sherbets by Dinner Lady

Lemon Sherbets Dinner Lady E-Liquid
Dinner Lady are renowned for creating excellent sweet flavoured e-liquids and Lemon Sherbets is no exception. A sweet favourite loved by the many. This e-liquid provides a tangy lemon flavour with hard candies and a fizzy sherbet centre. Available in 50ml Shortfills.

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5. Shock by Juice N Power

Shock by Juice N Power
Yet another contender from the clever people at Juice N Power, Shock gives us a bag of crunchy and mouth-watering skittles, with mixed fruit and a candy coasting you can literally taste all the colours of the rainbow with this authentic flavour! Available in 50ml Shortfills.

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4. Strawberry Laces by The Sweet Stuff

Strawberry Laces Eliquid The Sweet Stuff
The Sweet Stuff are well known in the vaping world for their amazingly sweet flavours, Strawberry Laces is just like you would imagine and features deliciously sweet strawberry liquorice with a crunchy sugar coating, this one is up there with sweetest flavours in the range which is what makes it such a popular choice. Available in 25ml & 50ml shortfills.

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3.Moon Burst by Candy Rush

Moon Burst Eliquid Candy Rush
Candy Rush have really nailed the sweet eliquid flavours by creating a supreme 50ml candy range and Moon Burst is one of their finest. If you remember Opal Fruits (now Starburst) you will be familiar with this chewy mixed fruit sweet flavour that will make your mouth water! Available in 50ml Shortfills.

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2. Fruit Pastilles by Solid Vape

Fruit Pastilles Eliquid Solid Vape
Another Solid choice from Solid Vape (pardon the pun) this one only just missed the number one spot. With it's tangy fruity centre and sugary coating Fruit Pastilles is the sweet that you cannot help but chew and you cannot help but come back for more of this amazingly delicious flavour. Available in 50ml Shortfills.

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1. Bubblegum Candy by The Sweet Stuff

Bubblegum Candy Eliquid The Sweet Stuff
The Sweet Stuff make the number one spot in this list with their truly awesome Bubblegum Candy, available in a 25ml or a 50ml, this eliquid won best sweet eliquid at the 2019 Vaper Expo in Birmingham, and it is no wonder. A flawless combination of chewy bubblegum and sweet candy. It will make your mouth water, bringing back wonderful childhood memories. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss, pure sweet heaven.

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Here at Royal Flush Vape we stock an ever-growing range of sweet flavoured e-liquids. If you haven't found the perfect e-liquid in this list or you're keen to find even more mouth watering sweet flavours, be sure to check out our collection where you're sure to find your new favourite e-liquid. 

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