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Tidy have jumped into the UK market at the deep end and are really making a splash, made locally in Lancashire. Their range features fruity flavours, sherbet flavours and a divine raspberry mojito.
Made from the highest quality VG and PG and beautifully sweet and delicious flavours, the Tidy range has something for everyone.

Iced Berries is one for the menthol lovers, strawberry, raspberry and ripe blueberries with a icy cool hit to boot.

Apple Mango Sherbet, a surprising combination of crisp apple, sweet ripe mango and tangy sherbet.

Raspberry Lemonade Mojito, a refreshing cocktail with fizzy lemonade and fresh raspberries.

  • Tidy Iced Berries E-Liquid

    Iced Berries by Tidy

    Menthol, Mixed Berry

    Description Iced Berries Eliquid by Tidy 50ml. Unwind and relax with a refreshingly chilly ripe berry explosion. Iced Berries, a frozen selection ...

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  • Tidy Apple Mango Sherbet E-Liquid

    Apple Mango Sherbet by Tidy

    Apple, Mango

    Description Apple Mango Sherbet Eliquid by Tidy 50ml, a funky, fruity, fizzy concoction that your palate will love. A flawlessly fruity concoction...

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  • Tidy Raspberry Lemonade E-Liquid

    Raspberry Lemonade Mojito by Tidy

    Lemonade, Raspberry

    Description Raspberry Lemonade Mojito Eliquid 50ml by Tidy. When it comes to refreshment, what can beat a mojito? A raspberry lemonade mojito! A d...

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  • Tidy Rainbow Sherbet E-Liquid

    Rainbow Sherbet by Tidy

    Mixed Fruit, Sherbet

    Description Rainbow Sherbet Eliquid by Tidy 50ml. A total flavour overload! Created by a mixture of sweet and sour fruits, before being finished o...

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  • Tidy Mango Blackcurrant E-Liquid

    Mango Blackcurrant by Tidy

    Blackcurrant, Mango

    Description Mango Blackcurrant Eliquid 50ml by Tidy. A perfect combination of ripe mangoes and succulent blackcurrants that will revitalise your t...

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