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Skynet 8 in 1 Coils by Coilmaster

Brand: Coilmaster
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Coilmaster Skynet 8 in 1 Coils

The Coilmaster Skynet coil case carries 8 different kind of advanced premade coils which made from high quality wires. The case itself is reusable for storing coils and parts like o-rings, screws, etc.


Item SPEC. I.D. (mm) Material Res.
Fused Clapton 26AWG*2 39AWG 3 NI80 0.3±0.05
Tortuosity 23AWG 3 NI80 0.22±0.05
Clapton Parallel 26AWG*2 39 26AWG 3 NI80 0.3±0.05
Interlock Clapton (26 32AWG) 24AWG 3 A1 NI80 0.3±0.05
Fused Clapton(TWIST) 28AWG*2 32AWG 3 A1 0.45±0.05
Flat Clapton 0.3*0.8MM 32AWG 3 A1 0.45±0.05
Clapton 26AWG 32AWG 2.8 A1 0.6±0.05
Super Tiger Coil 22AWG 0.4*0.08MM 3 NI80 A1 0.6±0.05

1 x Skynet coil case
48 x Coils
1 x Coil Master Lotto card

Why not try using some Cotton Bacon for the perfect build every time.

Customer Reviews

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My first time using a building deck and not exactly sure...

My first time using a building deck and not exactly sure what I’m doing yet. Only doing it because I’ve not been able to get hold of coils for my falcon tank. From what I can tell this seems a good quality product