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7 in 1 Performance Coils by Coilology



Coilology Performance Coils. Coilology introduces their prebuilt performance coils, now collectively in one pack.

The Coilology Prebuilt Performance Coils - 7 in 1 contains 3 pairs (6 individual coils) of each of the below mentioned coils, as well as 12 strips of organic cotton.

The box contains:
6 x Fused Clapton (0.34Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm).  2 26ga round wire wrapped in 36g wire.

6 x Tri-Core Fused Clapton (0.21Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm). 3 26ga round wire wrapped in 36g wire.

6 x Framed Staple (0.3Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm). 4 ply of 0.1*0.3 ribbon wire sandwiched by 2 28ga round wire then claptoned by 36 wire.

6 x Staple (0.34Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm). 8 ply of 0.1*0.3 ribbon wire stacked vertically and then wrapped by 36g round wires

6 x Multistrands Fused Clapton (0.32Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm). Multistrands Fused Clapton is 9 strands of 38g round wire twisted together, sandwiched by 2*28ga round wire, wrapped by 36g wire

6 x Chain Link (0.4Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm).  2 twisted wire then twisted together oppositely.

6 x Juggernaut (0.4Ω, Inner Diameter: 3mm). Juggernaut coil is parallel 36ga Clapton over 26ga wire, fused with 1 ply of 0.1*0.4 ribbon wire.

12 Strands of Organic Cotton

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Nice selection of Coils and you get pre cut cotton with this...