Celebrities who vape electronic cigarettes.

Love it or hate it, celebrities have a large influence in the current trends in our culture, especially with the constant rise and adoption of social media. Although they can influence great new trends, they can also bring negative attention towards topics. 

With all this in mind, it’s great to see celebrities who give vaping a good name in our current culture. Here is our pick of 10+ celebrities from all areas who put a positive light on vaping! 

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most known celebrities to vape; Leonardo DiCaprio does not shy away from using his vape device. He’s known to vape during award shows and ceremonies and has even had a quick vape in between interviews.

Katy Perry

‘I kissed a girl’ singer; Katy Perry is a strong supporter of vaping and has done so now for years. She can often be seen with a vape device, most noticeably at the Golden Globes earlier this year sharing a vape with actor Orlando Bloom.

Tom Hardy

Top leading actor Tom Hardy is another famous celebrity bringing vaping a good name. Hardy is renowned to vape during events and can be seen vaping during many interviews. The most famous shot was his quick vape pre-Oscars this year!

Miley Cyrus

Controversial singer and actress Miley Cyrus is completely open about vaping, she even uses her device during her live performances. She has talked numerous times about her adaption to vaping and is not the type to hide anything she does.

Johnny Depp

American actor Johnny Depp was one of the first mainstream celebrities to vape in the public eye. His love for vaping has also transferred to the big screen with his role in the 2010 film The Tourist Depp can be seen vaping on a train.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Apparently, well known actress Catherine Zeta-Jones first turned to vaping after her husband Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer. She has been seen numerous times in public with her vape device and we’re glad to see she’s moved to a safer alternative!

Richard Hammond

Former Top Gear presented Richard Hammond can often be seen in between shoots puffing away on his device. It's great to see a British household celebrity giving vaping a great name! 

Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodrigues

Actors Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodrigues are both well known vapers and have been spotted in various settings in public with their vapes. Most noticeably was court-side during a basketball game in Madison Square Garden.

Simon Cowell

English television personality and judge show host Simon Cowell apparently decided to take up vaping to protect the health of his son Eric. He can be seen between filming with his device and we're happy to see that he has adopted vaping as part of a healthier lifestyle! 

Lady Gaga

Leading singer and actress Lady Gaga was publicly known to regularly smoke cigarettes, however in recent times she has taken the leap into vaping and we’re glad that she has!

Have we missed your favourite vaping celebrity off this list? Let us know below!

But for now, as always; Stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team!

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