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You’ve probably all seen the news articles and photographs of devices catching fire or exploding. This gets vaping a lot of bad press and from the examples we’ve seen, these could have been easily avoided with the information we provide in this article!
Unlike other batteries used within everyday devices such as our remote controls and clocks; The batteries used in your vape mod are a lot more powerful and therefore must be looked after that little bit more! 

In this article, we're going to look at important and useful tips on keeping your device and fingers safe, including a tutorial on how to re-wrap your batteries.

Check Your Wraps

Check Your Battery Wraps

Checking your batteries for wear and tear is one of the easiest ways to notice that something is wrong. If you see any slight ‘nicks’ or scrapes on your battery wrap, then it’s strongly advised to re-wrap them (or the damaged one at least). Wrapping your battery is a simple process, but if you’re unsure we can re-wrap your batteries in store with our latest Royal Flush Vape battery wraps which come free with any mod purchase.

Use the Correct Batteries

It’s vital to ensure that you use the correct batteries with your devices. Some batteries are created with 'sub-ohming' in mind whereas others are made for lower wattage vaping; In addition, some batteries are not made for vaping at all! If you’re unsure in this area and want to make sure you select the safest battery for your device then we would be more than happy to help! 

Battery Cases

18650 Battery Case Ensuring your batteries are looked after while not in use is essential to avoid accidental damage which can sometimes go unnoticed. You should never just throw your batteries in your bag or pockets. Contact between your batteries and loose objects such as coins are the most common reason for mods to explode in and is something you obviously want to avoid!

Dedicated Charging

18650 Battery Charger

Although these days it’s possible to charge your batteries directly through your mod, it is always better for the life of your batteries to use a dedicated battery charger. It is important to never leave your batteries charging unattended at any point. Although all of our chargers have extra security built in to prevent damage or fire, there are very rare cases where a problem has occurred. This has even happened with well known mobile phone companies! 

Temperature Control

Vape batteries are very versatile with both high and low temperatures, however it’s not the best idea to push these limits. It is known that higher temperatures can take a toll on your batteries limiting their life span. In addition, extreme low temperatures can strain the battery capacity. The best advice is to store your device out of direct sunlight and places which generate great deals of heat such as a glove compartment of a car.

Avoid Over Draining

If possible, avoid completely draining your device. Although this can be hard when you find yourself with no way to charge and still have hours left at work or away from home; Taking your batteries out of your device before they completely drain will prolong their life! Although most devices these days will include software to prevent over draining, they will still allows your batteries to go to a state of damaging the potential life span. 

Married Batteries

Paired 18650 Batteries The marriage of multiple batteries requires no ceremony like the name suggests and is a very simple practice to get used to. If you use a mod that requires more than one battery, you should always aim to use the exact same batteries for their lifetime. By doing this, you will ensure that the cells in each battery get the same charge and avoid any imbalances in both capacity and performance. 

Avoid Counterfeits

Due to the vaping industry being so popular these days, counterfeit goods are constantly evolving. Unfortunately, this also includes batteries. The big three brands (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic) are the most counterfeited goods due to their higher price tag overall. You should always buy your batteries from reputable vendors such as Royal Flush Vape who provide a wide range of Rechargeable Batteries. 

Recycle Old Batteries

Unfortunately not all great things last, this even includes the life and soul of your vape accessories. When it’s clear that your batteries are no longer performing or in a state of despair and damage, you should always replace your batteries completely. When replacing your old batteries, it’s important to recycle them instead of just throwing them in a bin. Not only is this great for the environment, but a lithium-ion cell could easily short-circuit in a bin which is obviously a serious risk! Information on UK recycling can be found here:

How to re-wrap your batteries

18650 Battery Wrapping Infographic

As always, stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team! 


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