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Here at Royal Flush vape we love working alongside leading vape manufacturers to offer the best e-liquids, vape kits, and vaping accessories to our loyal customers. If you didn't know already, we've worked alongside Vampire Vape since the humble beginnings when Royal Flush Vape began to offer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. 

Over the years, Vampire Vape have continued to expand their collection of e-liquids with over 150 flavours now available at Royal Flush Vape. By listening to their customers, and working with the vaping community, Vampire Vape have become one the leading UK vape manufacturers that have extended their collection across nic salts, freebase 10mls, and concentrates in a wide range of nicotine strengths.

With the launch of their latest Pinkman collection, we look back and reflect on the history of Vampire Vape, about their e-liquids, and discuss their most anticipated launch that brings new flavour to one of their best selling e-liquids known as Pinkman.

About Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape started life back in 2012 with a base range of twelve e-liquids. Since launch they have become one of the biggest and most recognised vape brands, manufacturing over twenty different ranges.

"We started with 12 flavours and we regularly trial and release new flavours which have seen our standard range grow to 54 flavour options. We continue to develop new ranges and flavours behind the scenes to keep our flavours in line with current trends, whilst also thinking outside the box".

Vampire e-liquids are all manufactured right here in the UK in house with a team of experienced mixologists who develop and manufacture flavours for hundreds of companies in the UK. With a state-of-the-art cleanroom, Vampire operate from an extensive facility that has been specifically designed for manufacturing e-liquids, with ISO 9001 compliance, and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) certification to offer some of the best quality e-liquids available today.

History of Pinkman

Pinkman was originally launched in 2014 as a limited-edition e-liquid at VapeFest, but it soon became a much loved favourite that has gone on to win numerous awards, making it one of Vampire Vapes most successful vape flavour recipes. 

Offering a natural wild fruit combination, Pinkman highlights a dark mixed berry flavour to offer a refreshing flavour with a famous secret recipe that delivers one of the most-loved e-liquids around.

Since the original launch of the Pinkman 10ml freebase e-liquid, Vampire have welcomed many variations of the iconic flavour including Pinkman Ice, with a wide range of Pinkman options including nic salts, short fills, and concentrates. 

With such a high reputation and demand, it was only a matter of time before Vampire Vape looked at increasing the Pinkman range to welcome new flavours. 

New Pinkman Flavours

Vampire Vape teased a new collection at the start of 2024, with new Pinkman e-liquids being publicly released on March 22nd 2024. This highly anticipated launches has gathered the attention of vapers around the world, especially with the possibility to vape them in nic salt, freebase 10mls, or by mixing your own with the new Pinkman concentrates. 

Below we highlight what makes each e-liquid type so popular, with information on flavours, ingredients and pricing available at Royal Flush Vape. 

Pinkman Nic Salts

The latest Pinkman salts are available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths mixed with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio to deliver a smooth and well-balanced vape with either Apple, Blue Razz, Cherry, or Watermelon.

Nic salt e-liquids are perfect for those looking for a stronger nicotine hit and are best paired with lower-powered pod kits for the best vaping experience.

Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Apple Nic Salt



Pinkman Apple Nic Salt



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Blue Raspberry Nic Salt



Pinkman Blue Razz Nic Salt



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Cherry Nic Salt



Pinkman Cherry Nic Salt



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Watermelon Nic Salt



Pinkman Watermelon Nic Salt




Pinkman Freebase

The new Pinkman freebase e-liquids are available in 10ml bottles with nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 18mg to offer a wide range of choice. Mixed with a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, the latest Pinkman 10ml e-liquids are also available in Apple, Blue Razz, Cherry, and Watermelon.

Freebase 10ml e-liquids are ideal for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping and perfectly paired with traditional pod kits to optimise your vaping experience.

Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Apple 10ml



Pinkman Apple 10ml



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Blue Raspberry 10ml



Pinkman Blue Razz 10ml



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Cherry 10ml



Pinkman Cherry 10ml



Buy any 4 for £10.00
Vampire Vape Pinkman Watermelon 10ml



Pinkman Watermelon 10ml




Pinkman Concentrates

Pinkman concentrates welcome the ability to mix your own e-liquid to your desired strength and ratio. The latest concentrates available in the Pinkman collection are available in 30ml bottles with a 100% PG ratio without nicotine. 

Concentrates are ideal for those who want to make their own e-liquids. They are not intended to be vaped on their own without mixing with PG or VG. Pinkman concentrates can be mixed to any ratio and nicotine strength you prefer making them ideal for any vape kit.

30ml Concentrate
Vampire Vape Pinkman Apple Concentrate



Pinkman Apple Concentrate



30ml Concentrate
Vampire Vape Pinkman Blue Raspberry Concentrate



Pinkman Blue Razz Concentrate



30ml Concentrate



Pinkman Cherry Concentrate



30ml Concentrate
Vampire Vape Pinkman Watermelon Concentrate



Pinkman Watermelon Concentrate





It's clear that Pinkman is a true favourite among vapers throughout the world. The latest release from Vampire is sure to welcome new bold and satisfying flavours to be enjoyed, regardless of your favourite vape kit or e-liquid variation.

Have you tried the latest Pinkman flavours, or looking to try them? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this highly anticipated e-liquid collections from Vampire Vape. 

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