Longfill E-Liquid Concentrates Explained


DIY e-liquids are increasingly gaining popularity once more as vapers begin to explore cost-effective ways to personalise their vaping experience. Although concentrates and shortfill e-liquids have fluctuated in popularity over the years, longfills have sharply risen as a popular choice by offering an economical and customisable option for vapers of all experience levels.

In this guide, we highlight longfill e-liquids to provide you with everything you need to know about them, whilst comparing them against other e-liquids including nic salts, shortfills, and other DIY alternatives such as concentrates. After reading this guide, you will have a much greater understanding of longfills and know if they are the e-liquid for you to optimise your vaping experience.


Summary: Longfill e-liquids are a cost-effective, customisable DIY option for vapers. Prefilled with concentrated flavours, they are to be mixed as desired with nic shots to create a much larger nicotine-containing e-liquid up to 60ml. When mixed correctly, they offer the same flavours and nicotine salt strengths as nic salts whilst being more convenient and cheaper overall.

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What are longfill e-liquids?

Longfills are DIY e-liquids similar to regular concentrates. Supplied in a 60ml bottle they contain a concentrated base between 10ml and 30ml which is designed to be mixed with nicotine booster shots (nic shots) to create a 60ml e-liquid in total. Unlike shortfill e-liquids, longfill vape juice is not designed to be vaped on its own and requires mixing to make it enjoyable, much like a cordial squash drink.

Longfill e-liquids are designed to replicate the same flavours and nicotine strengths of nic salts when combined correctly with nic shots to offer a cost-effective solution whilst preventing the need to carry numerous bottles. Unlike shortfills, they also offer the ability to mix your own Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio with an overall nicotine strength much higher than 3mg or 6mg possible with shortfils.

What ingredients are in longfills?

Longfill e-liquids are a concentrate consisting of artificial or natural food-grade flavourings most commonly suspended in PG which acts as a carrier for the flavour. Although PG is mostly used as a carrier, there are variations of PG and VG available that are aimed towards different vape kit styles. It's important to highlight that longfills do not contain any nicotine and are not designed to be vaped without mixing with nicotine.

What is PG and VG?

If you're new to vaping, especially DIY you may not have an understanding of Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These two liquids are the main ingredients in an e-liquid base which determines the thickness of the liquid.

PG is a thinner liquid that is used to carry the flavour in e-liquids whilst creating a stronger throat hit that many vapers prefer, especially those quitting smoking for the first time. On the other side, VG is a thicker liquid that creates more vapour with higher levels of VG being designed for sub ohm vaping.

Generally, e-liquids that contain 60% VG or higher will create much thicker clouds when exhaling and are aimed to be used with sub ohm vape kits with lower resistance coils under 1.0ohm. When combined, higher VG e-liquids will create exceptional flavour without a harsh throat hit with dense clouds.

E-liquids that contain a higher PG ratio (50% or above) will deliver excellent flavour with an added throat hit to replicate the act of smoking a cigarette. Higher PG e-liquids are best paired with lower-powered pod kits with higher resistance coils above 0.6ohm.

Longfill e-liquids welcome 10ml to 30ml of PG based concentrate which can be combined with your own desired PG/VG ratio base and nic shots to create an e-liquid with any ratio you prefer with nicotine strengths up to 16mg.

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How much nicotine is in a longfill?

As longfills offer a concentrated base, they do not contain any nicotine. Designed to be combined with nicotine shots, longfills are a zero nicotine concentrate which can be made up to 10mg nicotine strength or higher to match nic salt e-liquids in a much larger bottle. Unlike shortfills which can be vaped without adding nicotine, longfills are not recommended to be vaped without mixing as they will be extremely strong and may burn your coil out quickly.

How do longfills work?

Longfill e-liquids utilise three key ingredients which include the concentrate itself which is prefilled in the bottle, nicotine shots, and the option to dilute further with a lower nicotine strength with a base mix of PG/VG. Most commonly longfills are mixed directly with nic shots to make a 60ml bottle of 10mg to 20mg strength e-liquid.

How to use longfill e-liquid

Creating your own longfill e-liquids may seem daunting at first, however, it's a straightforward process that welcomes complete control over your vaping experience whilst welcoming a cost-effective solution overall. Below we highlight four simple steps to follow to mix your own longfills ensuring you get the correct flavour, nicotine strength, and base liquid to suit your preference.

Step 1: Select your longfill flavour

The first and most obvious step is selecting your preferred longfill flavour concentrate. The clearest selection you have is when it comes to flavour, with a wide range available including fruits, sweets, desserts, and menthol combinations, you're sure to find a flavour to match your taste. The flavour concentrate in longfills is generally made up of 10ml to 30ml of a 60ml bottle and is double-concentrated to ensure bold and satisfying flavours similar to disposable vapes regardless of which one you select.

Step 2: Optionally select PG/VG base

Although longfills can be mixed solely with nic shots (see below), you also have the option to mix them with PG/VG base liquids if you want a lower nicotine strength.

If you prefer a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping experience then mixing with a higher PG ratio is ideal, although on the other hand if you prefer Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping with sub ohming a higher VG is best. If this is an option you would prefer, then you're best purchasing a bottle of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin to mix to your desired ratio.

Step 3: Choose your nicotine base and strength

If you don't like the idea of mixing PG/VG separately, you can introduce four nic shots to a longfill without the need to purchase and use base liquids. Nicotine shots are available in a wide range of variants to create your longfill matching your preference.

If you want to create a nic salt strength them paring your longfill with salt nicotine shot is ideal. For freebase nicotine, you can pair it with a standard nic shot, or you can also match it with an ice cool nicotine shot for added freshness. With many options between PG/VG ratios, it's important to ensure that your nic shot matches your desired overall longfill ratio.

Step 4: Mix and shake

Once you've added your nic shots and optional base mix to the longfill bottle, the final step is to thoroughly mix the ingredients together. Shake the bottle vigorously for a few minutes then let the e-liquid settle in the bottle to ensure the nicotine and flavour are well balanced. Once mixed completely, your longfill will be ready to vape. However, some may prefer to leave the mixed e-liquid for a few days to steep and highlight flavour but this is not a required step.

Extended look into longfills

Before deciding whether longfills are right for you, it's important to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and compare them to your current vaping needs. Below we further expand on longfills and outline their benefits and limitations for you to gain a greater understanding of this type of DIY e-liquid as you search for a more customisable and cost-effective vaping solution.

Advantages of longfill e-liquids

Cost-Effective: Longfills welcome a cost-effective alternative to nic salts or shortfills with a saving of over 50% when compared to purchasing nic salts individually.

Tailored Vaping: Longfills introduce the ability to select your preferred flavour profile to match your chosen vape kit to customise your vaping experience.

Increased Flavour: Thanks to the ability to mix the e-liquid yourself, you can control how strong you want your vape juice to be when it comes to nicotine and/or flavour. Thanks to a strong concentrated base, longfills deliver bold flavours similar to disposable vapes.

Growing Variety: With the popularity of longfills increasing, more e-liquid manufacturers and brands are releasing their own longfills which welcomes a growing selection to choose between.

Entry Level DIY: If you're wanting to mix your own e-liquids to match your preference then longfills are an ideal and beginner-friendly way to DIY e-liquids at home.

Limitations of longfill e-liquids

Mixing Required: Unlike nic salts which are readily pre-mixed, longfills are designed to be mixed with nic shots separately to create a nicotine-containing e-liquid.

Storage: Longfill bottles are available in 60ml sizes which makes them much larger than 10ml nic salts making them less pocket-friendly for daily vaping.

Less Selection: When compared to nic salt e-liquids, longfills are relatively new and not currently available in as many flavours.

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What are the best longfill e-liquids?

When it comes to selecting the best longfill vape juice, there's a growing collection available from a wide range of leading vape manufacturers. With flavours and PG/VG ratio being subjective, it's difficult to point out which longfills are the best for you, however with that said, manufacturers such as Vampire Vape have a wide collection of flavours which can be mixed to your preference.

Bar Salts Longfills by Vampire Vape

Bar Salts Longfills are brought to you by leading vape manufacturer Vampire Vape. Re-visiting the much-loved and award-winning Bar Salts collection which was originally launched in 2022, Vampire has responded to customer feedback and welcomed back their nic salt flavours in shortfills, concentrates, and longfill e-liquids.

Bar Salts longfills are available in 10 bold and satisfying flavours with 10ml highly concentrated e-liquid ready to be mixed in a 60ml bottle. Explore their collection today and pick up best-selling flavours including watermelon, pink lemonade, pineapple ice, and cola.

Longfills vs nic salts

Longfills are designed to create the same flavours available in nicotine salt e-liquids in a much larger bottle. When combined with nic shots, longfills will deliver a smoother throat hit than higher strength freebase nicotine e-liquids much like the nicotine delivery from nic salts.

Being able to enjoy a higher nicotine strength with bold and satisfying flavours welcomes a cost-effective alternative to nic salt juices. When mixed correctly, longfills will deliver a vaping experience the same as nic salts deliver, however in a much larger bottle for on-the-go vaping.

Are longfills cheaper than nic salts?

Longfill e-liquids when mixed with nic shots are more cost-effective than nic salts bought individually. Welcoming a saving of over 50% RRP when mixed, longfills deliver nicotine hits similar to nic salts thanks to a much higher nicotine strength when mixed with nic salt shots accordingly. With the choice to mix with any nic shot variant, you also have the ability to create a 60ml bottle containing traditional freebase nicotine to welcome a cheaper alternative to 10ml e-liquids.

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Longfills vs shortfills

Although longfills may appear similar to shortfills, they do have their differences with them both being designed for different vaping styles. Shortfill e-liquids are available pre-mixed excluding nicotine which means they can be vaped either with or without nicotine shots.

Available in either 50ml, 100ml, or 120ml bottles, shortfills most commonly provide a higher VG ratio which is designed for vaping in higher-powered devices such as sub-ohm kits. However, with that said, some manufacturers are now making shortfills with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to increase their selection to match any vape kit you prefer.

On the other hand, longfill e-liquids are available in 60ml bottles which contain between 10ml and 30ml concentrate. Offering more room than shortfills, longfills welcome the ability to add either PG or VG-based nic shots to create your own e-liquid to match any preferred vape kit and vaping style.

Longfills vs Concentrates

If you're interested in longfills, you may also be intrigued by e-liquid concentrates. Available in 30ml bottles, concentrates welcome a more cost-effective solution but require further planning and accessories to create. Unlike longfills that only require nic shots with the option to add a PG or VG base, concentrates are designed to be mixed into separate bottles with nicotine and liquid base, which may also require syringes, measuring tubes, and/or weighing scales depending on how you plan to mix the e-liquid.

Are longfills the same as concentrates?

A longfill contains 10ml to 30ml concentrate which is the same as other concentrates available. The main difference between the two is that longfills are prefilled in a 60ml bottle which leaves room to directly mix your e-liquid without the need for any further measuring or mixing accessories which is ideal for beginners or those looking for a simple DIY process.

Unlike older concentrate flavours, longfills have risen in popularity recently with manufacturers creating double concentrated bases to match leading nic salt e-liquid and disposable vape brands for bold and satisfying flavours with less concentrate required.

Are concentrates cheaper than longfills?

Purchasing concentrates and mixing with PG/VG and nic shots can be more cost-effective than longfills, however, the initial cost of purchasing mixing accessories can work out more costly, to begin with. Many also prefer longfills for their simplicity and speed. However, concentrates have their advantage when it comes to the ability to mix your e-liquid exactly as you prefer.

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Longfill e-liquids have emerged as a versatile and cost-effective alternative for vapers looking to personalise their vaping experience on a budget. With increased flexibility on nicotine strengths and flavour intensity, longfills welcome an accessible entry into the world of DIY e-liquids without the need to purchase additional mixing accessories needed for traditional DIY with concentrates.

Compared to other e-liquids such as nic salts, 10mls, and shortfills, longfills stand out for their cost-effectiveness. Although they may require more effort to prepare, the end result delivers a tailored vaping experience that can cater for both MTL and DTL preferences.

However, it's essential to highlight the limitations with longills, including the additional steps to prepare, along with the larger bottle size which could be viewed as less convenient for on-the-go use. Despite the minimal drawbacks, longfill e-liquids welcome a wide range of advantages including cost effectiveness, flavour variety, and nicotine customisation.

In conclusion, longfill e-liquids provide a welcomes alternative to pre-mixed e-liquids by offering a blend of convenience and customisation with excellent cost savings. Regarldess if you are a seasoned DIY vaper, or just starting out with vaping, longfills offer a flexible vaping alternative that can meet your needs and preferences.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, longfill e-liquids are not designed to be vaped on their own. Offering 10ml to 30ml of concentrate, longfills are designed to be mixed with nicotine shots and/or a PG/VG base liquid before vaping.

Longfill e-liquids are available in 60ml bottles which contain 10ml to 30ml of concentrate in the bottle.

Longfill e-liquids will still be affected by the proposed vape tax similar to other e-liquids. Although they may be cheaper than nic salts, the prices could be similar once in place.

Yes, longfills are essentially a concentrated liquid base within a 60ml bottle which is designed to be mixed with nicotine shots and/or a PG/VG base liquid before vaping.

Longfill e-liquids offer a concentrated base which are designed to be easily mixed with nicotine shots to create a 60ml e-liquid bottle.

Longfills welcome a simple mixing process, to mix empty up to five nic shots into a longfill bottle to create a larger e-liquid bottle.

A longfill vape is a 60ml bottle which contains 10ml to 30ml of e-liquid concentrate which is to be mixed with nic shots to create a 60ml nicotine e-liquid.

Longfills do not require any additional e-liquid base and can be mixed solely with nicotine shots to create up to 60ml of nicotine containing e-liquid within a bottle.


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