Man exhaling vapour from e-cigarette whilst holding his throat.

Sore or Burning Throat From Vaping?

GuidesJosh Griffin
Have you every experienced a sore or burning throat whilst vaping and wondered if there is a connection? This guide discusses possible causes of irritation brought on by vaping with actionable steps to prevent any future throat related discomfort when vaping.
Smoke alarm attached to false ceiling indoors.

Do Vapes Set Off Smoke Alarms?

GuidesJosh Griffin

In this guide we look at the differences between smoke alarm designs, and fire alarm systems to identify their potential of triggering due to vaping. Combined with actionable steps to vape indoors where permitted to do so without setting off or triggering alarms.


Person holding three different big puff vapes in their hand against a bright yellow background.

What are Big Puff Disposable Vapes?

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If you've never heard of big puff vapes, or looking for more information, this article looks into these latest TPD-compliant innovations that deliver up to 5,000 puffs per device. Offering a refillable and rechargeable design, these disposable vapes offer simplicity in mind.
Woman holding weighing scales in one hand with their other hand held out with a questionable look on her face.

Does Vaping Affect Your Weight?

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In-depth article addressing potential calories found within e-cigarettes, vape juice, and disposable vapes with scientific evidence on whether vaping makes you lose or gain weight.


Pilot stood in an airport vaping on an electronic cigarette.

Travelling With E-Cigarettes - 2024 Guide

GuidesJosh Griffin
Introduction The rules on flying with e-cigarettes are constantly changing and adapting with certain considerations to take into account. This arti...
Vape gifts wrapped in bows and Christmas tinsel on wooden table.

Christmas Vape Gifts Guide 2024

GuidesJosh Griffin

Complete and updated Christmas vaping guide that's packed with vape gift ideas, the best vape kits and e-liquids for friends and loved ones, and the perfect devices to make a last minute stocking filler this holiday season.



Person holding nicotine pouch with pack of pouches in the background.

Complete Guide to Nicotine Pouches

GuidesJosh Griffin
Whether you currently smoke cigarettes, vape, or you're an ex-smoker struggling to remain smoke-free, we cover everything you need to know about nicotine pouches including their benefits, limitations, safety, and usage so you can make your own decision when it comes to using pouches.
Woman sat at restaurant table vaping e-cigarette in public. Vaping in public guide cover photo.

Vaping in Public Places - 2024 Guide

GuidesJosh Griffin
In this complete guide, we address questions and concerns about vaping in public places, including public transport, hospitals and driving. Providing an in-depth look into all forms of public venues and transport with up-to-date policies for each.
Collection of disposable vapes on a table with people reaching for each one. Banner image for disposable vapes and nic salt e-liquid alternatives.

Disposable Vapes - Bar Salt Alternatives

GuidesJosh Griffin
In this guide we focus on disposable vapes, with bar salt nicotine e-liquids as an alternative. We address the benefits of making the switch, with perfectly paired options for each brand of disposable you may currently be vaping.
E-liquids on a vape shop shelf - Expired E-liquid vaping guide blog cover.

Expired E-liquid - Is It Safe to Vape?

GuidesJosh Griffin
You may have noticed expiry dates on e-liquids or disposable vapes, but what do they actually mean, and are they safe to vape once this date is up? This complete guide looks into e-liquids as a whole, whilst outlining the lifespan of vape juice and if it's safe to vape once expired.
Festival Vaping Guide Blog Cover. Image Showing Woman on mans shoulders enjoying a festival in the sun.

2024 Festival Vaping Guide - Disposable Vape Alternatives

GuidesJosh Griffin
Complete vape guide providing everything you'll need to know about vaping at music festivals and concerts. With up to date vaping policies at popular UK festivals, guidance on looking after your vape whilst camping, the best devices to take with you, alongside responsible eco-friendly vaping advice.
Blog cover showing recycle symbol in between trees from above.

Ultimate Guide to Greener Vaping

GuidesJosh Griffin
Our ultimate guide to greener vaping offers complete guidance on the impact vape related products may have on the environment, with actionable steps to reduce your own carbon footprint, whilst ensuring you get the most out of your vaping purchases.