Five Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Here we look at the reasons why you might get a burnt taste from your e-cigarette and show you five reasons why and what you can do to avoid it.

All vapers have at some point encountered the horrible burnt taste from an e-cigarette, if you are a new vaper, it will inevitably happen at some point, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new vape kit, as the issue can usually be rectified. With our how-to guide, you’ll be back to enjoying your vape in no time at all.

1. Your coil may need a change

Vape Coil Change

Your coil or atomiser is a replaceable part of your e-cigarette, weeks of vaping using the same coil will cause a build up of residue, and the wicking material will start to wear, you may notice on some puffs that it tastes burned.

The quick fix for this is to insert a new coil into your device, and enjoy fresh pure flavour once more. Simply unscrew your old coil, you may notice that the cotton material inside has started to turn brown or black, replace with a new one and you’re all set.If your vape has a clearomiser or cartomiser, replace with a new one and off you go.

2. Your tank is empty

Keeping an eye on the liquid level in your tank or pod is important, let it run too low and there will not be enough e-liquid in there to keep the cotton of your coil saturated, Always keep plenty of e-liquid in your tank to avoid that dry, burnt taste and avoid ruining a perfectly good coil.

3. Your device is set to high power

Vape Kit Wattage

This is a common issue in vape kits that feature variable wattage. Some kits have a fixed wattage, meaning they throw out the same power (give or take) every time you vape on it, whereas some kits feature variable wattage, meaning you can adjust it to find your sweet spot.

Most modern kits will automatically detect the coil inserted and match the wattage to the correct one required by the coil, but if your device doesn’t do this, you may end up setting your wattage too high.

Vaping at too high a wattage will put strain on your coil and burn through your e-liquid much faster. It’s always worth checking the recommended wattage on your coil when you insert it, and making sure you stay within the advised parameters, prolonging your coil life and avoiding the burnt taste.

It is generally advised to start off on a lower wattage with a new coil, and build it up slowly until you reach the desired flavour and vapour production.

4. You are chain vaping

Chain Vaping Burnt Taste

Chain vaping is where you regularly vape longer puffs more frequently, whilst this may satisfy your nicotine cravings, its not good for your coil life. Chain vaping doesn’t allow enough time for your coil to re-saturate with e-liquid, meaning you will get a ‘dry hit’ and a burnt taste.

If you find that you are chain vaping, it might be an idea to increase your nicotine level slightly, to satisfy your cravings fully, or as an alternative, enjoy a vape and then leave it in a different room while you get on with your day, coming back to it when you feel like vaping.

5. You haven’t primed your coil

Priming Coils

If you look closely at a new coil, you can see a series of ports or wicking holes around the outside, these allow the e-liquid to seep from the tank into the wicking material (usually cotton) the cotton surrounds the coil itself which is heated to produce your delicious vapour.

Before you insert your coil into your device, put a couple of drops of e-liquid onto these ports and allow it to soak in (this is called priming), then fill your tank and leave it to stand for a couple of minutes, this allows the cotton to become fully saturated before use. If you are in a rush to vape, prime your coil, then with your device powered off, take a few deep puffs, this will cause e-liquid to be drawn into the cotton and will prepare it faster, always make sure your device is powered off and do not press your fire button if you are doing this.

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