Maintaining your coils is not only a great way to ensure your vaping experience is better overall, it could also save you money in the long run! This short article looks into effective, tried and tested ways to lengthen the lifespan of your coil and make sure you get the most enjoyment from vaping.

Although the lifespan on your coil can vary depending on usage, if you look after your coil alongside the rest of your vape kit, you can expect your coils to last anywhere from one to two weeks! So with this incentive in mind, let's look into how to make your coils last longer.

Prime Your Coils


One of the most known factors to cause coils to burn out quickly is due to improper coil priming. When it's time to replace your coil, it's essential that you saturate the wick before placing it in your tank or pod kit. This can be done by simply dropping small amounts of e-liquid around the cotton of the coil until it won't take anymore in, this means it is now fully saturated.

Once your coil is saturated and placed into your tank or pod kit, it's also important to start vaping on the new coil at a lower wattage than normal for the first few vapes. From this point, you can increase the wattage in small increments as you break in your coil until you've worked your way up to your desired wattage level, although be sure not to put it too high, read more on this below!

Observe Recommendations


Most if not all coils these days come with recommended wattage guidelines. These exist because the manufacturer have already tested their coils to the limits so you don't have to! Having your device set to over the recommended wattage can cause the coil to burn higher and in turn decrease the lifespan of your coil.

Although there are recommended wattage guidelines, by having your settings below the top end of the manufacturers recommendations, you can decrease the strain on your coil which will help extend the overall lifespan of your coil. Wattage is completely subjective however, as preferences differ between vapers. We advise finding the lowest wattage setting you're happy with and sticking around that area, this will at least provide you with a satisfying vape whilst also somewhat increasing the length of time your coils will last.

Keep Your Tank Filled


Nobody likes a burnt taste, and a dry coil is one of the biggest reasons for this. Although some will say that burning a dry coil can clean them, in practice it can be very tricky to get right and even if it does clean the coil, it is only a short time fix due to this form of burning decreasing the overall lifespan of your coil. Many vapers that have tried this form of cleaning have stated that it increases the speed of build up on their coil and in turn not making it a viable option. If your coil is burning or has a build up effecting the flavour you would be best of replacing it.

Avoid 'Chain Vaping'


Although you may have found that e-liquid flavour you can't get enough of, it's best to take your time to get the most enjoyment and flavour! Chain vaping (taking multiple vapes in quick succession) can create additional strain on your coils. The main reason behind this is the fact that the wick cannot keep up with the volume, which in turn will cause you to vape on an under-saturated coil which can cause a burnt taste and dramatically decrease the lifespan of your coil.

It's advisable to wait between your inhales to allow your coil to cool down and recover. Even just a little amount of time can create a big difference, however waiting 20-30 seconds between inhales can greatly increase the length of time your coil will last whilst also creating awesome flavour!

Quality E-Liquid


We're sure you've seen those e-liquids in bargain supermarkets or corner shops, although these liquids are most likely safe for your health, they can have a dramatic effect on your coils. Not only are budget e-liquids known to contain higher levels of sweeteners in them, they are also generally a lower quality liquid which can create additional strain on your coil. Although many premium brands do include sweetener in their e-liquids, the higher levels of low quality sweetener found in budget brands, can clog up coils which can really dampen the quality of your vape.

This is why we only provide premium quality e-liquids at Royal Flush Vape, we pride our-self in providing the highest grade flavours on the market. If you've bought e-liquid elsewhere and are worried about the impact it could be having on your coil, feel free to pop into any of our stores or contact us online, we'd be more than happy to help!



You should now have some great ideas to lengthen the lifespan of your coils. Even if you just adopt a few of the mentioned tips in this blog, you should immediately start noticing the effects. Although you can prevent your coil from burning out prematurely, all great things unfortunately come to an end. If you've done everything above and it's still not as good as you'd like then it's time to change your coil.

If you've inserted a new coil and you're still not getting what you expected then the device you're using may possibly not for you, or you could have counterfeit coils. We highly recommend you check the verification on any coils or vaping accessories you purchase. Yes the process can be a little time consuming, but at least you can have peace of mind that you're vaping reputable and premium products!

But for now, as always; Stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team! 

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