After listening to all of the feedback and suggestions we have received, we've been working very hard behind the scenes to deliver the changes our customers requested to your rewards system.

We're very happy with this update and we really do believe it's now a loyalty system perfectly constructed around our customers wishes which delivers a greater and more rewarding shopping experience!

We know you're going to have some questions, so below we have outlined Frequently Asked Questions we've already had alongside some further important information.

What Do I Need to Do?


The most important thing to note is that your current points have been boosted and converted to the new loyalty points currency ready for you to spend in more exciting ways!

What Happens to the Points I've Earned in the Past?

Don't worry about your current points status, these have not been lost. They have been converted for you. We have even calculated the ones you've spent in the past to ensure you are placed into the correct reward tier as an appreciation of your customer loyalty.

What About the Royal Flush Vape App?

As we have now integrated the rewards system with our website the app is no longer needed to be used, you can simply visit our website and click the rewards tab in the corner. Rewards can no longer be redeemed via the app!

What's New?


You can now collect and spend points in store and on our website.

£1 Spent = 10 Points

One request that came up quite often during the implementation of this improvement was the way you collect your points.

As you're most probably aware, 5 points used to be collected per visit or online order, however this wasn't really fair as those placing larger orders would get the same amount of points as a smaller priced order.

Our rewards programme is now offering even more for your loyalty to Royal Flush Vape. From now on, you will receive 10 reward points for every £1 you spend either in store or online! 

More Ways to Earn Points

There are now even more new and exciting ways you can rack up points for your rewards. We've even boosted how many points you earn!


By listening to our customers, we really believe this has now created a fair and equal system for everyone.  

Greater & More Rewarding Benefits

We asked you what you'd love to see as future rewards for the improved loyalty system and the response was overwhelming!

We've actively listened, and we are very excited to announce that alongside more ways to rack up your points, we've also updated your rewards with even more amazing benefits!  


Redeeming Your Points

In addition to all these improvements, there are now even greater and more rewarding ways to redeem your points. Once again, we have actively listened to bring you the most requested rewards and discounts.

rewards chart

Refer a Friend

In addition to other areas requested, we've noticed there is an amazing community spirit at Royal Flush Vape. Did you know a lot of our new customers come from recommendations and referrals from current customers?

This is why we implemented 'refer a friend' into your improved loyalty points system, which will not only give your friend 10% off their first order, but you'll also receive 500 reward points! 



Not Yet a Member?

Sign up now it's free and you will get 100 points just for joining!

More Information: 

If you still have any questions regarding our improved loyalty system, we now have a dedicated rewards page with all the information covering the basics of the points system alongside further FAQs that you may have. 

We really do believe that we have managed to improve our loyalty points system built entirely around you and our amazing community! 

If you have got any further questions or comments that you want to share, let us know in the comments below we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! 

But for now, as always; Stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team!  

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Medical Disclaimer

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Daniel Anthony

Daniel Anthony

Only used royal flush vape since April but fantastic service doing points is really good keep up the great work thanks

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