MyCheckr age verification on counter at Royal Flush Vape shop.

Here at Royal Flush Vape, we're dedicated to preventing youth access to vaping and vape-related products. As we remain committed to offering a safer alternative to cigarettes, we understand the importance of safeguarding children. In addition to 1account age verification on our website, all Royal Flush Vape stores strictly follow Challenge 25 policy with staff consistently trained and monitored to ensure anybody appearing under 25 is challenged for identity to be age-checked.

We're pleased to announce the introduction of MyCheckr which welcomes the highest accuracy technology of any independently tested solution whilst being the only GDPR-certified age estimation system in the world. By performing age estimation of customers with a front-facing camera, MyCheckr utilises a simple LED above the screen to show a red light which recommends an age check to be carried out, or a green light to suggest the customer is the legal age or above.

Created by Innovative Technology, MyCheckr is combined with staff judgment and training in line with Challenge 25 to successfully age-gate vaping products and prevent youth access to vape-related products. MyCheckr utilises an algorithm trained by looking at millions of people of various ages. The technology is completely anonymous and doesn't store or transmit data about the people whose faces it scans.

MyCheckr device on counter at Royal Flush Vape store.

Fash Ferdowsian, Director of Royal Flush Vape highlighted "it's unfortunate that non compliant vapes are being sold throughout the UK in places such as barber shops and takeaways with many having limited or no age verification in place. As a leading vape store both online and in physical locations, we do everything in our power to safeguard children whilst ensuring those of age looking to purchase electronic cigarettes have access to compliant vape devices and e-liquid. MyChekr is set to aid our staff with future leading technology".

First implemented in October, MyCheckr has shown to be a great success in aiding our store staff when it comes to challenging ID. The Association of Convenience Stores Crime Report 2022 found that enforcing age restrictions leads to one of the top triggers for violence or abuse against staff. MyCheckr successfully aids our staff whilst protecting them from potential abuse.

As a responsible retailer, we recognise the importance of Safeguarding children and the prevention of youth access to vaping is paramount to us. We regularly train and enforce age restrictions throughout our policies. Although we do not solely rely on age verification technology to age-gate our products, MyCheckr has greatly increased positivity between customers and staff and has the potential to safeguard our staff in addition to children.

Person receiving purchase from Royal Flush Vape after passing age verification with MyCheckr.

In addition to offering aid to our staff, MyChekr has been received very well by our customers with the shared agreement that everything should be done to prevent children from gaining access to vape products. "It's great to see technology being used well", said Ryan C, who regularly shops at Royal Flush Vape. "I was a little dubious at first, but when you think about it, it's a very clever idea. You read a lot about kids vaping these days and I think that anything to help stop this is needed, every credit to Royal Flush."

Pleased by the effectiveness and feedback received, Royal Flush Vape will now be rolling out MyCheckr across all stores throughout the North West to ensure we do everything in our power to prevent youth access to vaping.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

MyCheckr technology is completely anonymous and does not store or transmit any data about the people whose faces it scans.

Although MyCheckr is able to suggest age checks with an impressive succession rate, it is currently only considered an aid to store staff who prioritise training and policies in place, including Challenge 25.

MyCheckr welcomes the highest accuracy technology of any independently tested solution whilst being the only GDPR-certified age estimation system in the world.

Although MyCheckr is only used within stores to aid age verification, our website utilises age verification via 1account to ensure we only sell vaping products to those of the legal age.


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