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Royal Flush Vape highlight information provided in the latest Royal College of Physicians report.

The latest publication from the Royal College of Physicians ‘Smoking and health 2021: A coming of age for tobacco control?’ builds upon the first work within this area, ‘Smoking and Health’ which was first published back in 1962. The report highlights smoking and the actions which can be taken to reduce the negative and life-threatening impact it’s having on so many lives both in the UK and around the world.

So far, the UK has made huge leaps forward by moving from a leader in tobacco consumption to a leader in tobacco control and reducing smoking levels by 75% when compared to levels in 1962. Although with many returning back to cigarettes with smoking increasing due to lockdown over the past year, it’s important to highlight healthier alternatives such as vaping.

Here at Royal Flush Vape we share the same sentiment as we move towards being Smokefree and provide a much healthier alternative to those wanting to quit smoking. The latest report highlights smoking and actions that can be taken to reduce the negative and life-threatening impact it’s having on so many lives both in the UK and around the world.

A recent poll highlights that 68% of vapers said they never thought they would quit smoking until vaping came along.


The report by the Royal College of Physicians suggests a substantial increase of taxation on tobacco products over the next five years whilst also proposing smokers should be encouraged to switch to non-tobacco products. Moving forward, the report continues to recommend that tax on medicinal nicotine should be reduced to zero and just 5% on consumer non-tobacco nicotine products such as electronic cigarettes.

Health Promotion

The report also asks for funding to create mass media public health campaigns in a bid to provide a low-cost, high-impact intervention which would strengthen a comprehensive tobacco control strategy.

Here at Royal Flush Vape, this is a space we have already stepped into, with our core ethos on promoting vaping as an alternative to smoking through campaigns such as the VApril created by the UK Vaping Industry Association, alongside our in-depth guides, blogs and news highlighting a much healthier alternative whilst also providing great starter kits for those wanting to quit smoking.

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Public Space Restrictions

The reports highlights that as vaping products do not emit any smoke, they should not be classified the same way as tobacco products. With Public Health England (PHE) also highlighting that passive vaping has no identified health risks; The report suggests that by permitting vaping indoors, it may help ensure that smoke-free measures have a greater chance of success.

Tobacco and Nicotine Product Regulation

The report also calls out for a review of the regulations on e-cigarettes within the UK which would allow for assessment to view the extent to which the regulations support switching from smoking, whilst also ensuring that current regulations ensure that all products on the market are safe.

With Public Health England (PHE) also recently highlighting new evidence that suggests vaping is better than Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), the focus of any public health campaign should highlight the most successful and healthiest ways that people can quit smoking for good.

E-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking which causes 220 premature deaths a day in England.


The report by the Royal College of Physicians provides some much-needed positive suggestions on reducing smoking levels which in turn improve public health rates with the UK’s 7 million active smokers.

We’ve covered false information preventing smokers to quit through vaping in the past, although now more than ever it’s vital to ensure that the positive impact vaping can have on peoples Smokefree journey is put into the spotlight, especially with PHE recently highlighting that vaping is better than Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for those looking to quit smoking.

We mirror the latest statements from UKVIA Director-General John Dunne who said in response to the latest report:

“I hope the Government takes note of the key recommendations in this report to build on this success; not least the suggestions about better promoting the take up of e-cigarettes for smokers by challenging and correcting the misrepresentation about the relative harms of vaping and removing vaping from smoking restrictions in public places.”

Here at Royal Flush Vape we strive forward to help smokers that are looking to switch to the most popular nicotine replacement product available. If you know somebody who wants to quit smoking, or looking to move to a much healthier alternative, the team at Royal Flush Vape are here to help make the switch smooth and provide the highest chance of success.

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