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New Evidence Suggests Vaping Better Than Nicotine Replacement Therapy 

As the number of vapers within England plateaus, incorrect perceptions of its relative risks compared to smoking may be discouraging smokers from using vaping to quit.  

We’ve covered false information preventing smokers to quit through vaping in the past, but now the seventh independent report on vaping in England by Public Health England (PHE) has been released. 

Public Health England Vape 2021

The latest report looks closely at the latest evidence on the effectiveness of nicotine vaping products and their aid in helping people quit smoking. The report also goes on to provide an update on the use of nicotine vaping products amongst young people and examines the data on people’s perception of risk.  

"Within England last year, nicotine vaping products were highlighted as the most popular aid in helping smokers quit" 

With 27.2% of smokers using a vaping product compared to the 18.2% who utilised nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products (such as nicotine patches) with just 4.4% using prescribed medicine varenicline.  

“It is estimated that in 2017, more than 50,000 smokers stopped smoking with the aid of a vaping product who would otherwise have carried on smoking.” 

Vape Statistics 2021

Data provided by systematic reviews since Public Health England’s 2018 report highlights that vaping products were significantly more effective in helping people quit smoking as opposed to nicotine replacement therapy.  

“Those using a vaping product as part of their quit attempt in local, stop smoking services have some of the highest quit-success rates – between 59.7 and 74% in 2019 to 2020.” 

Although vaping has been highlighted as an excellent method to stop smoking, especially with the rise of user friendly starter kitsthere are still concerns around the increasing misperception of the relative risk caused by vaping products, compared to smoked tobacco.  

“In 2020, 38% of smokers believed that vaping is as harmful as smoking and 15% believed that vaping is more harmful. This is out of line with expert reviews from the UK and US, concluding that using regulated nicotine vaping products is far less harmful than smoking.” 

Vaping Quit Smoking PHE

Public Health England’s advice remains the same as previous years that smokers should switch to vaping products to help them quit smoking as vaping products contain significantly less harmful chemicals than cigarettes. 

Unfortunately, smoking is still the leading preventable cause of premature death and disease, killing almost 75,000 people in England in 2019.  

The best thing that a smoker can do is to stop smoking completely and the evidence shows that vaping is one of the most effective quit aids available, helping around 50,000 smokers quit a year.” 

Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at PHE highlighted many key areas regarding the benefits of vaping as an aid to quit smoking. In the latest report he highlights: 

“For anyone who smokes, particularly those who have already tried other methods, we strongly recommend they try vaping and stop smoking – ideally with additional support from their local stop smoking service for the very best chance of quitting for good.” 

PHE Vaping to Quit Smoking

Public Health England has now commissioned a full review of the evidence on the safety of vaping products which is planned to be published by next year (2022). King’s College London is also now working alongside numerous different researchers from the United Kingdom and United States to conduct their review.   

“As we strive to achieve a smokefree nation by 2030 more needs to be done to support adult smokers who could benefit from switching to do so, while eliminating loopholes in the laws which could be used to promote products to teenagers 

Here at Royal Flush Vape we continue to work with the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) alongside other leading industry bodies such as 1account to ensure that we continue to provide an excellent service for those looking to quit smoking, whilst also ensuring we provide safe genuine products to those of legal age and wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle.  

Quit Smoking With Vaping

Has vaping and helped you quit smoking for good or know anybody who has managed to switch to vaping? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about your story and how Royal Flush Vape helps you.  

But for now, as always; Stay safe and speak to you soon, 

The Royal Flush Team!  

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Carol Chisholm

Carol Chisholm

I stopped smoking cigarettes about 5years ago, I have never had one since, I switched to vaping and
never even considered smoking cigarettes again.



I’ve found it easy to stop smoking with the aid of a vape. Good article 😊

You guys have been super helpful and your delivery speed is 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks!!!



Vaping got me off cigarettes after a few failed attempts I tried vaping with a sub ohm tank and I’ve never looked back and that was late 2017. Not a single cigarette in a little over 3yrs. Over those three years my breathing has improved and at the time I didn’t even realise that it needed to. I came across Royal Flush Vape in 2019 and the are by far the best vape shop I have come across. The staff are extremely helpful and know what they are talking about and there online service is great and reliable as well.

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