Things You May Not Know About Vaping

Whether you've been vaping for many years already or only just starting out on your vaping journey, there are many areas of vaping that are still often misunderstood, especially for those who don't vape, but sometimes for those who do vape! 

To shed some light on some common misunderstandings, we've put together 10 things you may not know about vaping, backed by government advice and the latest industry expert knowledge! 

Vaping is Safer Than Smoking

Vaping Safer Than Smoking

Unfortunately there is a lot of false information preventing smokers to quit through vaping. Often misconceived as being a health risk both directly or indirectly (passive vaping), there's a lot of bad press regarding vaping although it's actually a lot safer than smoking and research carried out by industry experts highlights this.

In their sixth independent e-cigarette report Public Health England (PHE) pointed out there is growing concern in the increasing number of smokers who believe vaping is just as harmful than smoking.

"Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians estimate vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking."

This statistic is also agreed with by Cancer Research UK and is supported by the National Health Service (NHS). You can read more about the health benefits of vaping and their safety in our blog Is Vaping Safe?

In addition to vaping being highlighted as a much safer alternative to smoking, Public Health England also reported back in 2018 that there is no negative health risks connected with passive vaping.

This was also confirmed by the California Department of Public Health in 2019 after carrying out expensive research and studies that analysed a non-ventilated and confined space full of vapour, their tests found no harmful substances in the air. 

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E-cigarettes are an Effective Aid

E-Cigs Effective Aid Stopping Smoking

Recently Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England, Professor John Newton backed up his statement that the most important thing is to stop smoking altogether and e-cigarettes can be an effective way to help smokers do just that. Something which has been fully backed by the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Chris Whitty who points out 

"electronic cigarettes can help some people quit smoking and are a safer alternative".

The Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Deborah Arnott has also spoken publicly stating "Vaping has helped many thousands of smokers quit to date. But many thousands more could benefit if they were not put off by the persistent, worsening and inaccurate beliefs the public hold about vaping."

Ingredients in E-liquid

Ingredients In E-Liquid

Although the media and those against vaping may try and tell you differently, e-liquid from trusted manufactures and retailers such as Royal Flush Vape is only made up of four safe ingredients which are:

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  3. Flavourings
  4. Nicotine

PG and VG are the core ingredients which allow you to actually vape. Both of these ingredients are common ingredients within foods, cosmetics and medicines.

You can read more about the differences between vaping ingredients in our VG vs PG in E-Liquid - The Definitive Guide.

Here at Royal Flush Vape, we only source our ingredients from reputable and premium manufactures which use food grade flavourings whilst also ensuring we use the highest quality VG, PG, flavourings and nicotine.

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Tobacco Products Directive TPD

For those new to vaping or even for those who have been vaping for some time, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is something we're sure you've heard getting mentioned or talked about. 

Did you know? TPD was originally created to control the tobacco industry, now the well known directive deals with the regulation of electronic cigarettes. 

Although a large number of people argue that TPD has negatively affected them by decreasing their choice whilst creating additional hindrances, it's very important to highlight that TPD has massively improved the safety for both you and the vaping community as a whole, mainly due to the three following reasons;

  1. It protects children from nicotine based products.
  2. It protects customers with enforceable standards regarding both quality and safety on all e-liquids and vape kits. 
  3. It protects customers with the requirement of all manufacturers and retailers to provide useful packaging and information. 

Therefore for your own health and safety, it's vital to ensure you purchase your products from a reputable business such as Royal Flush Vape who follow all TPD regulations set out. 

The sort of business that deliberately flout the laws and continues to provide and sell illegal tanks, e-liquids and devices are also the same type of seller who most likely doesn't care about your health, alongside the safety and quality of their products they sell.

You can gain more in-depth knowledge on TPD in our blog What is TPD & How Does it Affect You?

What Are Nic Salts?

What Are Nic Salts E-Liquid

You may have already heard about nicotine salts (nic salts) or even vape them yourself, although many still either don't know they exist, think they are less safe or incorrectly vape them.  

Nic salt e-liquids utilise the same form of nicotine which is found in traditional cigarettes although the danger is reduced extravagantly. 

In short, nic salts are a very popular form of e-liquid that allow nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster than regular e-liquids and is therefore favoured by many who are trying to quit smoking or prefer to use vaping as way to get their 'nicotine fix'. 

Did you know? You can also add salt nicotine to your e-liquid? Check out or full range of nic shots here.

Nic salts from reputable stores such as Royal Flush Vape are far les harmful than cigarettes and meet all TPD requirements under UK regulations. 

You can read further about nicotine salts here.

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Vape Sub Ohming

Although many of the latest vape kits available today are catered towards sub-ohm vaping, there's still great misunderstanding to what the term sub-ohming actually means.

Put simply, the term relates to the coil being chosen and a sub-ohm coil is anything that is less than 1ohm in total. 

Therefore if you are vaping on coils that is <1ohm you are in essence sub-ohming. This form of vaping often results in larger vapour clouds on the exhale, so if you've ever seen another vaper blowing clouds then you can most probably assume they are sub-ohming. 

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DTL & MTL Vaping

Direct To Lung vs Mouth To Lung Vaping

If you didn't know already, there are two ways in which you can inhale your vape, although different vape kits and coils are designed differently and the ability to vape differently may vary. 

So what are these two ways to vape? Below we briefly highlight the difference between Mouth To Lung (MTL) and Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping.

Those new to vaping and used to using 10ml e-liquids of either 50PG/50VG are most likely to be MTL vapers due to this being most like the act of smoking a cigarette.

MTL vaping is where you inhale the vapour first into your mouth and then once collected you breath into your lungs. 

DTL vaping is more favoured amongst those who have vaped for some time. Although stating this, most of the newer vape kits available are aimed towards a DTL styled vape. 

DTL vaping is where you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs, without holding it within your mouth first. 

DTL can sometimes be seen as a more powerful and satisfying vape than that of MTL, although most people don't vape like this when first starting out on their vaping journey. 

Due to DTL vaping mostly carried out on more powerful devices, higher VG e-liquids are preferred and recommended such as short fill e-liquids.

Read our full guide on Mouth to Lung (MTL) vs Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping.

Cloud Chasing

Vape Cloud Chasing

The term cloud chasing is a name given to those who exhale a larger quantity of thicker e-liquid. This has now become an artform within itself where vapers will manipulate the vapour into shapes and figures. 

Did you know? Cloud chasing has also become a form of sport with many competing at judged events and expos to create the most intricate vapour shapes or speed of vaping. 

Since the initial introduction of higher wattage devices and high VG based e-liquids, cloud chasing has become ever so popular at any sized expo event and massively on video media sites such as YouTube and Tiktok. 

Batteries Can be Re-wrapped

Re-Wrapping Vape Batteries Safety

Battery safety is vital regardless of what battery you're using, especially when in regards to vaping. But did you know that you can re-wrap your own rechargeable batteries?

Your battery wrap is essentially the protective casing your battery needs to remain safe. Ideally you should be checking your batteries for general wear and tear on a regular basis. If you see any slight scrapes or damage to the wrap then we strongly recommend you re-wrap them. 

Batteries with a damaged wrap should be re-wrapped and dinted or greatly damaged batteries should be replaced. 

Don't know how to re-wrap a battery or want to know more reasons on why you should, check out our Battery Safety and Wrapping Tutorial.

Devices Can be Optimised

Optimise Vape Device

If you're new to vaping or only generally vape with an All In One (AIO) kit or pod kit you may not know there is a numerous ways in which you can customise more advanced vape kits to suit your preference. 

The majority of vape kits available today allow you to control variable settings including wattage, voltage, temperature controls and airflow.

If you're looking to upgrade to a vape kit with more control it's worth researching devices as not all vape kits have these options available. We also advice having some knowledge on Ohm's Law to use these types of vape kits successfully. 

How Many Did You Know? 

And there we have it, 10 things later and possibly 10 things that you didn't know! How many of these things mentioned did you know about? Let us know by leaving a comment, we look forward to reading them! 

For now, if you are unsure about anything talked about in this blog or need any other help, our dedicated and experienced team are available to answer your questions! 

As always; Stay safe and speak to you soon,

The Royal Flush Team! 

Disclaimer: The content on offers general insights about vaping and vape related products. Please be aware that this information is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice and should only be relied upon when explicitly referenced. We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability, or health-related advantages of the content displayed across all pages of our website, including blog posts, product pages and social media content.

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