Vaping Battery Safety & Terminology

Larger vape kits may require you use one or two external rechargeable batteries to power them. This guide will cover some basic battery safety as well as pointing out some key terminology to help you understand your vape better.

Smaller vape kits such as pod kits and starter kits, often contain internal batteries, but for the rechargeable external battery kits, Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the most commonly used.

There are two varieties of Li-Ion batteries, protected and non-protected. The non-protected batteries will use the notation IMR on the label, whereas a protected battery will have ICR, these batteries contain an internal circuit which is designed to fail before the battery does.

Every dual battery mod we sell has built in circuitry to regulate the voltage and current to within the safe specifications of any given battery. This means that provided the battery is in good condition, you can use an IMR or ICR battery in you vape without any problems.

Individuals using unregulated mechanical vapes are safe to use any battery if the battery is operating below the maximum rated amperage. You can read more about unregulated mods in our ohms law vaping safety blog.


There are only two different sizes of battery commonly found in the world of vaping, the 18650, and the less common 21700. The 18650 battery has a 18mm diameter, 650mm height. This number-size scheme is consistent across all batteries. The 21700 has a 21mm diameter and is 700mm tall.


The unit mAh is commonly used as a measurement of a battery’s overall capacity. More is better in most cases for dual battery mods. The higher quality the battery the more likely it is for the mAh figure to be accurate.

There are a huge number of fake batteries on the market as the only way to brand them is with the shrink-wrap insulation packaging. These fakes are potentially much less safe than one from a reputable brand and may even be entirely unfit for purpose. It is not recommended to take risks with batteries from non-reputable vendors. Here at Royal Flush Vape we only sell branded 18650’s and 21700’s.


A battery which has been proper subjected to a use-recharge cycle will always last much longer than a battery kept fully charged or a battery which gets left discharged for an extended period. They are sensitive to high temperatures and this causes rapid degradation. If a Li-Ion battery is left with low charge for a few weeks, it will fully discharge and no longer work. It is recommended to use a dedicated battery charger than the USB ports on your vape.

We know it is convenient and tempting, but for the sake of safety, reliability and longevity it is worth it. Not to mention, a standalone battery charger will provide you with a fuller battery than most standard mods charging through USB. Once your mod starts reading 3.6 volts output, then it is time for some new batteries.

Recycle your old batteries with a dedicated battery recycling bin found in many supermarkets or recycling centres as they contain heavy metals and acids which harm the environment. If your batteries become visibly damaged, dispose of them immediately. If the damage appears to have only affected the plastic battery wrap, do not use them.

Our vape stores contain the necessary equipment to rewrap your batteries if they are still otherwise healthy. If you travel with spare batteries, keep them in a container and away from metallic items in your pockets (Other batteries especially).


  • Buy your batteries from trusted vendors
  • Do not leave batteries charging unsupervised
  • Ensure your batteries do not get too hot (>30 Celsius)
  • If using an unregulated mod, please learn Ohm’s law and check your resistance
  • Recycle your batteries properly

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