UK Menthol Cigarette Ban

From May 20th 2020, Menthol cigarettes and flavoured tobacco’s will be banned in the UK To improve general public health, as well as to prevent young people from taking up smoking. I am sure most who vape will agree that this is a good move but for those of us who are concerned about the effect of this new ban on the flavors that we enjoy, I have good news.

What Does This Ban Mean for Me?

If you are a smoker who uses either menthol flavoured cigarettes or flavoured rolling tobacco, I am sorry to say that both products will become unavailable. If you are a dual user who enjoys either of the aforementioned tobacco products, this provides the perfect opportunity for you to make the switch to vaping full-time. For the rest of us in the world of vaping, it means absolutely no changes at all. The current set of legislative amendments apply to tobacco products only. All vaping and vaping related products, from mods pods and coils to e-liquids, are unaffected by these new laws. It is worth noting that these new laws should not come as a surprise. The implementation of these laws to phase out flavoured cigarettes has been steadily coming since at least 2017, when the last big legislative change to tobacco laws were established. Legislation changes to vaping would most likely come in the form of a revised version of TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) which the market not only adapted to but thrived on. It is likely that regardless of how the political landscape changes, the UK will remain TPD compliant indefinitely.

What to do next?

If you’re a current smoker looking to make the switch considering the new tobacco regulations, come in and see us at your closest Royal Flush Vape and we will do our very best to help you with the transition. We have all been in that position before and understand how daunting it can be to expose yourself to something new. If you’re a current vaper who was worried that the new regulations might affect availability of your favourite juice, fear not. On the contrary, we at Royal Flush Vape have been getting in more new flavours than ever and things don’t look to be slowing down.

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