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VLTZ is the latest brand to focus on "disposable type" e-liquids, although unlike other brands VLTZ is made right here in the UK. In our quest to bring our customers even more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternatives to disposables, our partnership with VLTZ was born.

VLTZ flavours are predominantly sweet, cool and distinctively fruity. Formulated to work with low power vapes and provide one of the greatest flavour intensities of any e-liquid range we stock.

To find out more about VLTZ we visited Dan at the Vaper Expo for an interview.

Photo of VLTZ stand at Vaper Expo

Could you tell us about the history of VLTZ?

VLTZ Launched in early 2022 and was created by Totally Wicked in the heart of Lancashire. With over 14 years of industry leading experience, this e-liquid range is made in the UK using the highest quality ingredients to provide the same great flavours as the leading disposables in a 10ml bottle.

Why was the VLTZ brand created?

Disposables have been great in so many ways for the vaping Industry by providing an easy alternative to smoking. However, they have also created a huge challenge. Although to many they seem like a cheap way to vape, the long term costs are much more expensive than an open tank kit. Plus, the environmental impact of kits you just throw away is much higher than traditional forms of vaping. This is where VLTZ comes in!

In 2022 we set out on a mission to provide a journey for disposable users to switch to an open tank system without compromising on flavour and convenience.

How did the name for the brand come about?

The name VLTZ was created to match the ‘supercharged’ flavours inside each bottle.

VLTZ Promotional Banner

What has changed over the last 2 years with the challenges of Covid?

VLTZ itself was formed because of the massive shift in vaping trends during covid. Before the first lockdown, large powerful mod kits were extremely popular and vapers wanted a kit that could produce huge clouds. Now people want a small and convenient kit with less vapour and more flavour.

Best/most popular e-liquid flavour?

When we initially launched the VLTZ e-liquid the most popular flavours were Sweet Strawberry and Blue Razz Lemonade. However, we recently released a new flavour Peach Ice that has proved to be even more popular.

Another flavour that has been a hit is Banana Ice. When meeting customers in store and at trade shows they cant get enough of this flavour. Although it may not be everyone’s first pick when choosing a flavour, from the feedback we have received once you’ve tried it you won’t go back.

What makes your e-liquid better than others?

Whether you’re a social smoker looking for the healthier alternative of a disposable to take out with you on a Friday night, or need a more sustainable refillable solution, the VLTZ range allows you to enjoy great flavour in a way that suits you.

Photo of VLTZ bottles

What have you planned for 2022?

We have just launched the VLTZ flex which provides the same supercharged flavours in prefilled pods. This has already proved extremely popular as it provides the equivalent of 2 disposables in 1.

VLTZ at Royal Flush Vape

Royal Flush Vape are authorised stockists of VLTZ, we carry the full range of E-Liquids which are available in our 3 for £9.99 deal, as well as the flex device and pods.

You can view the full VLTZ range here.

Joyetech Widewick + VLTZ Bundle

Available for a limited time, get the Joyetech Widewick + 3x VLTZ E-liquids for only £18.97, this promotional bundle is the equivalent of up to 15 standard disposable vape kits!




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